We offer a full cycle of documentary film production in the Baltic States.

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News stories

The BW Production team has 15 years of experience of creating classic news stories.

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Video reports from events

Birthdays, corporate events — video reports from commemorative events to recall the most important moments of life.

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Video presentation

It is very important for any businessmen to present potential customers their product.

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Sunrise in Cenas Tirelis
2015, summer

Budgeting of the filming

The estimated cost of the shooting is calculated on the basis of average prices on the Baltic market.

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Selection of locations for filming

The Baltic countries stand out with the beautiful sea coast, where dozens of feature films and documentaries are shot every year.

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Selection of equipment

Film equipment and lighting are chosen to suit the task.

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The shooting script is compiled as a rule, for the production of video reports from events (Weddings, birthdays, corporate parties) as well as for creating video presentations.

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For location shoots often the permission from the local authorities that we provide in the territory of the Baltic States is required.

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Our operators have years of experience in television. We take "simply a picture", used in classic TV news, as well as dynamic, artistic shots.


In the documentary as sequential shooting, when the event is not repeated twice, and staged shoots are necessary. The type of shooting depends on the choice of technology, which strong sides will ensure the quality of the video.

Specific filming

If shooting not intended to be in a fairly standard techniques, we'll figure out how to show it on video. In some cases, filming from the air using a quadcopter, sometimes, on the contrary, a miniature camera which can be fixed in the most unexpected places may be used. Slow processes are shooted using the technique of Time Lapse

Video editing

The quality of the final product depends on the quality of the video. We provide the editing of the video, as provided by the client, as made by our team and filmed-to-order. We also select music, sound effects, if you want the voice-over by professional actors for the video. If special effects, graphics and captions are added to the video materials, the viewer will not be bored while watching. A subsequent color correction will create a feeling of the integrity of finished video.


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